we undertake new build surveys on behalf of purchasers to identify defects in their new home.

Snagging Inspection On New Build Properties

We are a professional snagging company for new build homes offering advice and guidance on finishing standards and quality across the East and South of the UK

The average newly built property will typically have between 50 and 100 defects within it representing £1000’s of work in many cases. As many as 1 in 12 newly built properties have in excess of 200 defects.
Working alongside homeowners, our aim is to make sure we are consistently pushing and improving standards across the new-build property construction industry.
Book today and OC New Build Inspections will complete a full in-depth report with state of the art technology of your property with its defects for you to then present to your Building Developer to rectify. We work to NHBC (National House-Building Council) Standards.

A ‘snag‘, is a defect in your new build home that is present after completion of the building work

Facts about snagging

What Is Snagging?

Newly-built properties are known for minor defects or “snags” caused by poor workmanship or equipment.

Here’s what you need to know.

A snag is a small defect or problem that remains in your property after the building work has been completed. It is typically something that is damaged or broken; not fitted properly or looks unfinished – think a scratch on a window or a missing hinge on a door.

Most are cosmetic – however more serious defects can arise such as major cracks and kitchen fixtures that are not fitted properly.

OC New Build Inspections will professionally photograph and list in detail all the defects in your property which you then present to your building developer to rectify within their warranty period.

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Why Snagging

At OC New Build Inspections, we understand that your dream home is the biggest and most exciting single purchase of a lifetime.

Our expansive knowledge and experience in the industry, along with our professional yet personable service, ensure that we can provide valuable advice to all of our customers. Giving you peace of mind that your new-build home has been built to, and exceeds, the standards you expect.

We work within the tolerances of the warranty providers, to build credible reports that make sure the relationship between you, the homeowner, and builder starts on the right foot.

How Does Snagging Work?

Snagging a house or apartment requires specialist knowledge and is an important part of buying new-build property

Some solicitors recommend using a professional snagging company before funds are sent to the builder and with some developers putting pressure on customers to give them a snag list within just 7 days after completion it is important to get it right!

A fully qualified OC New Build Inspection professional will attend your new-build property to carry out the full inspection. 

Professional Snagging List

Average cost per house size


£ 299
  • One Bedroom Apartment £299
  • Two Bedroom Apartment £379
  • Three Bedroom Apartment £429


£ 349
  • Two Bedroom House £349
  • Three Bedroom House £449
  • Four Bedroom House £499
  • Five Bedroom House £569

Follow Up

£ 99
  • Follow up service
  • Check that your developer has put the issues right


Which areas of my property do you inspect?

We take time to look at all parts of the property that can be visually accessed. These include things such as untidy finish, cosmetic issues, plumbing (leaks), electrical (faults & compliance) and external finishing. We also help ensure your property is compliant with technical standards and building regulations.

How Long Does An Inspection Last?

It depends on the size of your home, the more rooms, the longer it will take. We advise allowing anywhere between 3 and 4 hours per inspection, in order for us to ensure we cover everything.

Do i need to prepare anything?

No, we bring everything we need to carry out our inspections. Ideally it would be good to inspect and empty home, but we understand that this is not always possible.

How long until i get my snagging report?

We will have your report over to you, within 24 hours of the inspection. We take time to ensure that the information we include is correct and relevant to you and your home.

What is snagging?

Snagging is an informal expression used within the construction industry in the UK and Ireland. It is used to describe the process of defect, issue or fault identification.

What is a snag inspection?

A snagging survey is designed to check for problems with a new-build home.
Developers should fix problems identified on snagging surveys quickly.


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